Be successful in franchising

Be responsible franchisors

Be franchisors, which are responsible for the development, marketing and control of the operational concept. Through this – mission critical – task sharing between franchisees and franchisors, everyone benefits from the cooperation and expertise of the other. You as a franchisor to benefit from the initiative, the labour, capital, location, and the payment of fees of the franchisee.

In turn, you put your knowledge, your experience, your holistic business concept and your organization and success instruments.

Here is a successful business concept into a franchise system:

  • Multiplying the sales concept
  • Sales increase
  • Faster expansion through versatile expansion options of the system
  • Improved customer service through their own initiative, the franchisee
  • Growth in the distribution system from combined capital
  • High flexibility through close communication with the franchisees
  • Lower equity commitment
  • Reduce business risk
  • Benefit from the work force, the location and the payment of fees of the franchisee

Obligations of the franchisor

There you should also be aware that you as a franchisor have a number of duties and responsibilities. These obligations should be taken seriously because of the success of the franchise concept depends, among other factors. Your tasks can be represented as follows:

  • Developing a successful store concept
  • As a pilot
  • Improvement and standardization of operational process
  • Documentation of the entire expertise for building operation and management (manual)
  • Implementation of the marketing concept
  • Intensive advertising, sales promotion
  • Qualified advice of the franchisee on site
  • Education and training of the franchisee
  • Quality Management System
  • Continuous development of the system

Support of franchisees

The path to the franchisor an existing business model into a franchise system to convert requires careful planning. It makes sense, the way to a franchise concept structured tackle. The following points will give you an orientation, such as the way content can look at a franchise system:

  • Development of a business idea
  • The validation of the idea as a franchise system
  • Creating a profile of the franchisee
  • Conduct and performance analysis
  • Creating a marketing plan
  • Determination of the type of business
  • Creating a financial plan
  • Creation of the franchise
  • Cooperation and the First franchisees

You should allow enough time, these steps I go through all the care, so you have the opportunity to establish your business idea successful. At each step, there may well be useful to other franchise consultancy access to back.

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